Oberseminar / Research Seminar

Seminar presentations about ongoing and completed Bachelor/Master theses, guided research topics, and IDPs. The seminar is open to students who are writing a corresponding thesis at our group.

Time: Monday, 12:30pm - 2:00pm

Location: MI 02.11.018

Changes are listed in red.


29.07.2019Angela Josifovska: Deep Generative Models for Graphs
Stephan Rabanser: Failing Loudly: An Empirical Study of Methods for Detecting Dataset Shift


Janek Groß: Prediction of Molecular Properties using Rotationally Equivariant Neural Message Passing

09.09.2019Virendra Kumar Pathak: Domain-specific Multilingual Word Embeddings for Text Classification

Lisa Buchner: Embedding Approaches for Temporal Graphs
Stefan Weißenberger: tba



Please follow the time limits when giving your presentations. The presentation times do not include the discussion time.


Presentation typeTime limit (minutes)
Interim presentation15
Guided research / IDP20
Bachelor's thesis20
Master's thesis25