Machine Learning Lab Course

In addition to our lectures on Machine Learning and Mining Massive Datasets (MMDS), students can apply their skills and work on large-scale data and problems in our Machine Learning Lab Course (Master-Praktikum). We regularly collaborate with industry partners to provide students the opportunity to develop algorithms to solve real-world problems on real-world data and to connect with the industry partners. Students are given access to cutting-edge GPU computing resources to facilitate their work on large-scale datasets. The objective of this lab course is to develop data mining/machine learning algorithms specifically handling large real-world datasets. Besides focusing on existing principles, the participants also design and realize novel analysis techniques.

Upcoming terms

Winter term 2019/20 information event: July 15th, 4:00pm, MI HS 1. You can fill out our application form until July 24 23:59 hrs. Download information event slides.

Past terms